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Bespoke Tensile Fabric Canopies at Revolution Bar, Cambridge

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Tensile Solutions were commissioned by Hartbrights Signs to design, fabricate and install a bespoke 4 bay cantilevered tensile fabric structure for Revolution Bar in Cambridge.

With the refurbished bar scheduled to open, this project had an extremely tight turnaround time and we took it from the initial client meeting to the completed installation in just 5 weeks!

The project was by no means straightforward either... we came up with a cantilever design to keep the area under the canopies free from any supporting steel but also had the rooftop location of the tensile structure to design and engineer around. The canopies needed to provide year round all weather protection so were fabricated in waterproof and very durable PVC coated polyester. The steel was powder coated and the canopies tension to the steel by means of aluminium extrusion and stainless steel catenary cables.

Fabrication was a joint affair with Hartbrights taking on the steel elements from our designs whilst we fabricated the canopies. Installation was completed in two (long!) days and was finished just hours before the Revolution re-opened its doors to the public.

Our thanks go to Hartbrights for involving us in the project. May there be many more... Hopefully next time with a longer lead time!

For more information about this project or to see if we can help you with yours, please contact us.

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