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Bespoke Double Hypar Canopy in Hertfordshire

14 July 2013

Tensile Solutions designed, fabricated and installed a bespoke double hypar, 8.5m x 5m, at a private residence in Hertfordshire.

With a design brief to provide both cover and provide a 'wow' factor for an outdoor eating and entertaining area, this bespoke double hypar fitted the bill perfectly.

The canopy is fabricated from a semi translucent PVC coated polyester so is waterproof and lets through 50% of the natural light. Six hand polished and rolled stainless steel masts (with integrated LED lighting) complement this elegant and striking tensile structure.

For more information about this project or to see if we can help you with yours, please contact us.

Tags: Double Hypar | Double Roller | Hertfordshire | Translucent Canopy | Canopy LED Lighting

Garden Shade Sail in Gloucestershire

20 June 2013

Tensile Solutions designed, fabricated and installed a stunning 4m x 4m 'hypar' tensile fabric shade sail at a private residence in Gloucestershire.

The fabric structure provides a large shaded area (16m2) and some welcome relief in the summer months in what is a southerly facing 'Sun trap'. Alfresco dining and drinking can now continue in comfort!

The shade sail had to blend into its woodland garden environment so was designed with pressure treated radiata pine masts and a traditional hand stitched and reinforced 'Solacryl' sail.

For more information about this project or to see if we can help you with yours, please contact us.

This structure is also now available as part of our growing product range and is called The Ripple.


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Bespoke Tensile Fabric Canopies at Revolution Bar, Cambridge

24 May 2013

Tensile Solutions were commissioned by Hartbrights Signs to design, fabricate and install a bespoke 4 bay cantilevered tensile fabric structure for Revolution Bar in Cambridge.

With the refurbished bar scheduled to open, this project had an extremely tight turnaround time and we took it from the initial client meeting to the completed installation in just 5 weeks!

The project was by no means straightforward either... we came up with a cantilever design to keep the area under the canopies free from any supporting steel but also had the rooftop location of the tensile structure to design and engineer around. The canopies needed to provide year round all weather protection so were fabricated in waterproof and very durable PVC coated polyester. The steel was powder coated and the canopies tension to the steel by means of aluminium extrusion and stainless steel catenary cables.

Fabrication was a joint affair with Hartbrights taking on the steel elements from our designs whilst we fabricated the canopies. Installation was completed in two (long!) days and was finished just hours before the Revolution re-opened its doors to the public.

Our thanks go to Hartbrights for involving us in the project. May there be many more... Hopefully next time with a longer lead time!

For more information about this project or to see if we can help you with yours, please contact us.

Tags: Revolution Bar | Cambridge | Bespoke Canopies

Bespoke Tensile Fabric Sails at Styal Lodge Cheshire

29 April 2013

Tensile Solutions designed, fabricated and installed two bespoke 4m x 5m x 6m triangular fabric tensile sails at the elegant Styal Lodge wedding venue in rural Cheshire.

With a design brief to provide stunning shelter to cover two right angled seating areas a bespoke waterproof triangular tensile sail fitted the bill perfectly. The canopies were fabricated from Serge Ferrari 502 PVC coated polyester and tensioned to hand polished and rolled stainless steel masts to complete this minimalist tensile structure.

For more information about this project or to see if we can help you with yours, please contact us.

This structure is also now available as part of our growing product range and is called The Triola.

Tags: Triangular Shade Sails | Styal Lodge | Triola | Bespoke Sails

Bespoke Double Conic in Maesteg, Wales

29 April 2013

Tensile Solutions designed, fabricated and installed a bespoke 9m x 5m 'Double Conic' tensile fabric structure as part of the outdoor market regeneration in Maesteg, Wales.

With the market due to open in a few weeks, the canopy provides the focal point for the area and will double up as a cover for the stage and performance area due to be built underneath it.

The design incorporates a strengthened steel superstructure for the estimated 1000kg of audio visual and lighting equipment due to be hung from it!

Also fundamental to the design is an integrated and internal water drainage system. A feat of creativity turned what is in essence a free draining conical structure into one that will collect the water landing on the canopy and channel it through the booms, down the masts and out below finished floor level. Perimeter scalloped canopy up stands and custom draining stainless steel membrane plates keep the elegant look of the structure but add function to its form. All steel work is galvanised and painted for extreme corrosion protection. The canopy is a high specification Ferrari Pre-Contraint PVC coated polyester fabric in 'Tuscan'.

The double conic was installed in just over a day using a telehandler and we finished ahead of program. 

We'll put some pictures up of the finished area just as soon as we get some. In the meantime here are some from the build.

For more information about this project or to see if we can help you with yours, please contact us.

Tags: Maesteg | Double Conic | Performance Canopy

Bespoke Awning Canopies for Leeds Restaurant

21 March 2013

Tensile Solutions designed, fabricated and installed a bespoke 14 bay cantilever awning canopy system at the Alchemist bar and restaurant (opening today!) as part of the new Trinity Shopping Centre development in Leeds.

Our client wanted us to create a high specification and stunning outdoor covered area on their balcony overlooking central Leeds.

The awning canopies not only had to look great but they have to perform all year round and are engineered to take everything the Leeds weather can throw at them! To add to the complexity of the project, the front of the balcony is curved and our structure had to mirror that curve. 

Fabricated with jet black steel and matching waterproof high tensile fabric canopies, the structure looks striking as it snakes around the glass facade of the building. All finishing details and tensioning systems were marine grade stainless steel which adds to the high specification look and feel of the awnings. 

Working right at the end of a high pressure build program, our installation was completed in just four days. A full day ahead of schedule!

Look out for some more photos of the awnings and the finished restaurant on our blog or follow the Alchemist restaurant on Facebook.

Phew! Anyone fancy a drink? I know a great place…..

For more information about this project or to see if we can help you with yours, please contact us.

Project Testimonial: 

"The overall service from Tensile Solutions and the standard of product was excellent!

The structure looks great and really sets off the balcony, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company." 

Chris O'Donovan BSc (Hons) MAPM MRICS - Director - Sale Property Consultants Ltd

Tags: Alchemist | Restaurant | Leeds | Awnings | Trinity Shopping Centre

Upcoming Projects for Tensile Solutions

02 February 2013

With the snow gone and the sun out, today it felt Spring like - well almost!

Often with the brightening weather we see a surge in enquiries and orders as people's thoughts turn towards projects that have been slowly fermenting over the darker winter months.

And what a busy start to the year we've had... with a hatful of exciting projects already underway, we'll have our work cut out keeping up with demand! 

Keep your eyes glued to our blog for the latest additions to our projects page. But for now here are some tasters of what you can expect from us early in 2013…

Tags: Tensile Solutions | New Projects | 2013

22m x 10m Double Crest at Highfield Humanities College, Blackpool

26 October 2012

Tensile Solutions designed, fabricated and installed a 22m x 10m Double Crest at the newly built Highfield Humanities College, Blackpool.

The new tensile structure complements the 8m Crest we designed and installed at the College earlier in the year.

Working for Eric Wright Construction and landscape project architects Plincke, the installation was completed in just two days with the aid of a 50T crane and cherry picker.

The 220m2 fabric structure provides the students with some great outdoor shelter and the tensile fabric canopy is 100% waterproof and blocks 100% of UV.

With a marine specification paint system and stainless steel fixings, the fabric structure is designed, engineered and built to last in this tough costal environment. 

The 22m x 10m Double Crest is now part of our growing range of tensile fabric structures and is available for off the shelf installation UK wide.

Please contact us for a quotation or more information.

Tags: Highfield Humanities College | Blackpool | Double Crest | Eric Wright Construction | Plincke

Bespoke Double Hypar at Parker E-Act Academy, Daventry

01 October 2012

Tensile Solutions designed and installed a 14m x 7m bespoke hypar fabric structure at The Parker E-Act Academy in Daventry. 

With a brief to provide an outdoor, waterproof covered area for the students to use year round, the tensile structure also had to fit into a confined space, fit within budget and provide a 'wow' factor for the Academy.

Working to a very tight deadline this bespoke canopy went from order to handover in less than 6 weeks! Installation took just two days and was safely conducted in a live school environment.

The Academy also requested that we put their logos and colours on the fabric and we think the results are simply stunning!

Our thanks go to all involved on this project.

Project Testimonial: 

‘We approached Tensile Solutions to design and install a canopy within a very confined space and to tight time scales and as a result of the excellent customer care and support given during the process Tensile Solutions delivered on time and to budget and as a result our client was very happy with the way the works were carried out and completed within a live school environment. We would have no hesitation in using Tensile Solutions to provide a canopy solution again’ 

Nick Navas MRICS  – MD, Navas Associates Ltd

Tags: Parker Academy | Bespoke Double Hypar | Logos

Bespoke Shade Sail at Stunning Wedding Venue in Herefordshire

17 August 2012

Tensile Solutions were contacted by a local wedding venue in Herefordshire with a design brief for a shade sail to conduct their wedding ceremonies under.

The sail was to be installed onto three existing walls and had to be easily and quickly erected when the bride and groom required some shade and shelter!

With marine grade stainless steel rigging screws and a bespoke, scultped HDPE sail of around 40m2, we think the results speak for themselves.

If you're planning fabric in your next project then why not call us on 01989 730 999.

Tags: Shade Sail | Wedding Venue | | Herefordshire

Hypar Shade Sails Installed at Blackburn School

11 August 2012

Tensile Solutions designed and installed three 5m x 5m and one 6m x 6m Hypar Shade Sails at a High School in Blackburn.

The hyperparaboloid sails are a cost effective and elegant way of providing shelter and shade for children and students from the Sun.

Called 'Hypars' these canopies are part of our new range of commercial shade sails and are ready for installation UK wide. They can be viewed on our website here...

Please contact us for further information or a quotation.

Tags: Hypar | Shade Sails | Blackburn

8m Crest at Highfield Humanities College

04 July 2012

Tensile Solutions designed, fabricated and installed an 8m diameter Crest at the newly built Highfield Humanities College, Blackpool.

Working for Eric Wright Construction and landscape project architects Plincke the installation was completed in just one day using a telehandler and cherry picker.

The 50m2 fabric structure provides the students with some great outdoor shelter and the tensile fabric canopy is 100% waterproof and blocks 100% of UV.

With a marine specification paint system and stainless steel fixings, the fabric structure is designed, engineered and built to last in this tough costal environment. 

The 8m Crest is now part of our growing product range and is available for off the shelf installation UK wide.

Please contact us for a quotation or more information.

Tags: 8m Crest | Highfield Humanities College | Eric Wright Construction

Tensile Solutions awarded large tensile fabric structure contract

20 June 2012

Tensile Solutions have been awarded the contract to supply Eric Wright Construction two tensile fabric structures for the under construction Highfield Humanities College in Blackpool.

We were initially approached by Eric Wright Construction in October 2011 and asked to tender for the fabric canopies at the new build College.

Working closely with EWC and landscape architects Plincke we came up with a design proposal that covered the required outdoor areas and fitted within budget. The design was changed from larger hyper forms to Conical in order to achieve this. An 8m diameter conic and a twin 22m x 10m conic will be installed later this year. Watch this space for some pictures...! 


Tags: Conic | Eric Wright Construction | Plincke | Highfield Humanities College | Twin Conic | Tensile Fabric Structures

Tensile Solutions now an accredited supplier on Constructionline

19 June 2012

Tensile Solutions are pleased to announce that we are now an accredited supplied of tensile fabric structures to buyers on Constructionline.

Constructionline is the UK's largest Government-owned register of contractors and consultants for the construction industry. With over 8,000 key decision makers from over 2,000 buying organisations using Constructionline to select quality suppliers.

Tensile Solutions have been accredited for the design, fabrication and supply of tensile fabric structures by Constructionline whose buyers will recognise that we meet industry and Government standards in this highly specialised area of construction.

Tensile Solutions accredited on Constructionline


Tags: Constructionline | Tensile Fabric Structures | Accredited Supplier | Tensile Solutions

Bespoke Tensile Fabric Garden Canopy in St Albans

18 May 2012

Tensile Solutions were commissioned to design, engineer, fabricate and install a bespoke tensile fabric garden canopy in St Albans.

The design brief by architect and house owner Rob Weedon was very specific: A high specification canopy to interface with the existing building and provide covered shelter when making the transition from inside to outside. It also had to be completely demountable as it was to be removed over the winter months.

At 4.7m x 4.5m the fabric structure provides a good sized sheltered area and was installed in just one day before the glorious weather arrived! We also installed the foundations and made good the patio area as part of the works.

The polished stainless steel masts have a countersunk circular connection at finished floor level allowing the masts to be removed completely and stainless capping plates secured in their place. The waterproof architectural grade PVC coated polyester can also be easily removed from the ‘P section’ aluminium extrusion fixed along the wall of the house. This classifies the fabric structure as temporary so no planning permission is required for it.

Design consideration was given at all times to the temporary nature of the fabric structure and the need for the client to quickly and easily remove and re-instate the canopy.

Here's what Rob had to say:

I invited several specialist companies to tender for our new tensile canopy and whilst the quote from Tensile Solutions was the most competitive, it also conveyed a sense of Sam Walker’s enthusiasm for the project. He didn’t disappoint.

From the initial discussions on detailed design to the finished installation, Sam was flexible, professional and easy to work with, helping us to enhance our design with his expert knowledge and design flair.  He kept us informed of progress, stuck to our agreed programme and budget and worked tirelessly to deliver a high quality installation with the minimum of fuss.

If you are thinking of having a tensile canopy, this is the company you want to build it for you.”

Rob Weedon – Architect & Partner, Saunders Architects

Tags: Bespoke Garden Canopy | Fabric Garden Structure

Internal Exhibition Sails for Multimodal 2012

30 April 2012

Tensile Solutions were approached by Imageline to design and fabricate some internal sails for the DSV exhibition stand at Multimodal 2012. 

The sails were constructed from a lightweight, fire retardant polyamide & spandex fabric blend which creates a very stretchy sail! When secured to the surrounding truss by clear monofilament line it creates the impression that the sail is floating.

These cost effective sails are perfect for defining spaces and can be used in a multitude of ways. They are also excellent at hiding unsightly roof spaces or covering cabling / ducting. When lit the sails can also look stunning.

Please contact us for more information.

Thanks go to Tom at Imageline for the photos.

Tags: Internal Sails | Fabric Sail | Exhibition

Bespoke Tensile Fabric Garden Structure 'The Roller' in Monmouth

23 May 2011

Tensile Solutions were commissioned to design, manufacture and install a bespoke garden canopy over a decked area in a stunning private garden in rural Monmouthshire.

The garden sail is 4.5m x 4.5m and consists of rolled and polished stainless steel masts and a tensioned architectural fabric canopy. Included in the works were the foundations and reinstatement of the existing wooden decking around the masts.

The high specification tensile structure was bespoke to our customer’s requirements and provides a contemporary yet functional twist to a traditional setting. Shelter from the sun and rain mean that the new owners can enjoy al fresco living whatever the weather!

This beautiful garden structure is now for sale as part of our new product range. It can be tailored to your specification or size and lighting can also be integrated into the design. 

For more information or for a quotation please contact us.

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Tensile Solutions website launches!

11 January 2011

Welcome to the new Tensile Solutions website designed by Hostpipe in Stroud.

Tensile Solutions specialise in tensile fabric structures. Offering turnkey design & buildinstallationproject management and canopy cleaning & maintenance.

Eastington Primary School - Bespoke Tensile Fabric Structure.

09 December 2010

Tensile Solutions designed, supplied and installed this bespoke tensile fabric structure at Eastington Primary School near Stroud in Gloucestershire.

The school required an outdoor classroom over their Early Years Playground. Sympathetic design was of paramount importance as this stunning old Victorian school sits in a beautiful Cotswold Village.

This freestanding contemporary fabric structure takes its cues from the curved stone arches that sit over every door and its clean lines and minimalistic design ensure a clear and protected area underneath for the children to play and learn.

Working closely with Gloucestershire County Council, the Headmaster, Malcolm Strang, Teachers and Governors, a solution was found that was both aesthetic and functional.

Tensile Solutions provided a turnkey solution for the school including groundworks and making good.

The fabric used on this structure is a silicon coated glass fabric and adds further benefit. It is very strong and durable and has a lifespan of 20+ years (at the end of which it is fully recyclable). It  blocks 100% of UVB radiation so the children are protected from harmful rays but lets through all UVA so plants underneath can still photosynthesize. This is just as well as there are large planters with flowers and vegetables underneath part of the structure now! It also has one of the highest translucencies of any architectural fabric letting through around 40% of visible light.   

“The development of an Early Years outside learning area was a key initiative for the school. Tensile Solutions worked closely with the governors, staff and pupils to design and install a fantastic canopy that is sympathetic to our existing Victorian building enabling the children to extend their learning beyond the classroom environment. As a relatively small rural school with a restricted site (and budget!) we were impressed with the efficiency and professionalism demonstrated by Tensile Solutions who have made a real impact on the provision we offer our young learners. Thank you.”

 Malcolm Strang - Headteacher, Eastington Primary School, Gloucestershire