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Cleaning & Maintenance

All tensile fabric structures by their nature require some form of after care and they are very often neglected after installation.

If a structure is not maintained in accordance with its operations and maintenance manual its performance and lifespan will be greatly reduced. In some cases the structure may become unsafe or even fail. A lack of cleaning & maintenance may also invalidate any warranty the supplier provided on the structure. 

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Tensile structures rely on the pre-tension in the fabric to resist the live loads imparted on them, such as wind and snow. ALL fabric held under tension will ‘creep’ over time. Some fabric types are more susceptible to this than others. There are many other factors too, such as how well the fabric has been patterned, the angle of the pattern lay, over-tensioning in installation etc.

It is extremely important that structures are checked in accordance with the OMM (usually on an annual or bi-annual basis) and re-tensioned if necessary. Once the pre-tension starts to reduce, the fabric loses its ability to resist live loads. For example, you may see a canopy ‘panting’ in the wind or 'ponding' in the rain/snow. These are warning signs that action needs to be taken and if left unchecked, the structure will fail.

Tensile Solutions provide a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance service to keep your structure in tiptop condition. Using various means of access such as MEWPS or ropes, we offer competitive pricing for any type of structure.

Please contact us for more information or see our latest Cleaning & Maintenance Projects.